Discover how and why CLUBW8LOSS Programs are unlike any other and the benefits of following a program that is completely customized just for you!

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You have tried everything else. Clients on CLUBW8LOSS have lost over 150,000 pounds! Imagine living your life healthier.

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Food sensitivities afflict over 70% of the US population with a potential to cause, or further complicate existing health problems. Most people are completely unaware of the burdens they tolerate due to these sensitivities.

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Combined, CLUBW8LOSS clients have lost more than 150,000 pounds. Client success and satisfaction is our top priority. They invite you to listen to their stories.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I went down about 44 pounds in three months without being hungry and without suffering! And it happened in a pleasant way. Pretty fast and the change is huge. I sleep better, I have vigor, I move more, am more alert and happier. I highly recommend to anyone.
  • I've lost 39 pounds in three months and now I'm almost at the optimum weight for my height. I'm eating more regularly than before, I became less hungry, I don't feel heavy after meals, I don't have the urgent need to eat in evenings, I became less tired and more energetic and my body looks way more aesthetic. This is all thanks to this amazing program. So, thank you very much!.
  • This was unequivocally one of the best things I ever did for myself. For the first time I did not feel alone with my weight problem. I could also share, help, learn, and lose weight! It started with the hair test. And it worked just great! I've learned things about my body that I've been living with all my life! I learned what was healthy for me and what did not fatten me. I lost 88 pounds! My mother did the same process and lost 44 pounds! Thank you for everything you did for me. These are things you do not forget.
  • The change is immediate. Of course weight, but more than that is the good feelings, the energy that had disappeared has slowly returned. My skin became much more radiant and healthy! It started from the fact that I couldn’t manage to lose a few kilos that I very much wanted. I went on to a proper nutrition and a healthy and quality way of life not only for me, but for the whole family.
  • The truth was that the procedure was very light and not complicated or difficult. I will mention that I did not exercise at all, I just ate what my body could handle. I lost 21 pounds in four months. Since then, five months have passed and I am still on the weight and even a little less. I must note that only after the diet I realized its amazing effect. Usually, the difficulty is not in the diet, the difficulty is in maintaining the weight afterwards. The diet gave me tools and a sense and understanding of my body that helps me a lot every day to maintain my weight.
  • I am fifty-two years old. All my life I weighed around 154 pounds. At the age of 49 I stopped smoking and my body began to change and I gained weight very drastically. I added more than 44 pounds. I tried every possible diet, but nothing worked. With this program I lost 30 pounds (with my coach’s support and knowledge) and then lost more. I cannot describe the process better than the word miracle. I see why my body has developed intolerances. I now have joy and health. I feel great without suffering through normal ‘diets’ and have a brilliant understanding of the needs of my body. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for my gift.
  • I managed to lose 66 pounds! I was at my highest weight and everything was hard and it did not matter that every other week I would start another diet with all kinds of dieticians. But with this, it was different. This program made me do the unbelievable - to lose 30 pounds. It's the most beautiful gift I could give myself. The goal was to get to 220 pounds and we did it. The support and daily communication helped me get there. I did not think it was possible. I really tried everything. For the first time in many years I'm really no longer fat. This is a new way of life for me. And it's a real pleasure. Highly recommend to everyone.
  • The weight would not go down. At the gym everyone was saying how I did not get slimmer. I was already in despair. I heard from a friend about your program, by checking the hair and adjusting the nutrition based on an examination of food intolerance. I got a program that was personalised for me and I ate everything that suited me. Slowly, the amount of food and types varied more and more and the weight and the percentage of fat continued to decline.I had a problem of storing fluids and swelling of my feet and everything just disappeared.I recommend that everyone undergo this amazing experience.